Academic Achievement
Total Achievements : 42

Event: The Quiz Competition
Event Venue : St. Dominic Savio's High School, Patna
Event Date : 9th Dec, 2017
Description :

The Quiz Competition was organizes by St. Dominic Savio's High School, Patna.

Akshay Kumar and Mehul  of Std 12  (A) were awarded with the Certificate of Participate.

Event: Dominian Fest 2017
Event Venue : St. Dominic's Savio School
Event Date : 7th Dec, 2017
Description :

Pratyush Pranav of class XI C

Shahrukh Ozair Hashmi of class XI E

Both are participated in the Speeches of Eminent Personality at St. Dominic's Savio School on 7 December 2017. They delivered speeches from William Shakespeare's plays.

Event: The Great Debate Competition
Event Venue : St. Dominic Savio’s High School
Event Date : 4th Dec, 2017
Description :

An inter school debate competition was held in St. Dominic Savio’s  High School. The topic was "Marks scored has higher value than talent". There were 7 teams taking part. There were 2 speakers from each team one speaking for the motions and other against the motion.

Participants- Jyotiraditya Goswami (11-E)

      Shreyansh Shashwat (9-D)

Result:- Best Speaker for the motion- Jyotiraditya Goswami (11-E)

             Best Speaker against the motion- Shreyansh Shashwat (9-D)


Event: Inter School Carrom Championship
Event Venue : St. Karen's Secondary School,Patna
Event Date : 11th Nov, 2017
Description :

An Interschool Carrom Competition was held on 11 November 2017 at St. Karen's Secondary School, Patna where Shalvi Shreyesh of  Std-XII-A

Won the Ist prize.

Event: Patriotism is limited to the celebration of 2 days.
Event Venue : St.Karen's High School,Patna
Event Date : 10th Nov, 2017
Description :

A Debate Competition was held on the topic- Patriotism is limited to the celebration of 2 days.

1st Prize –Aditi Singh(7D)

2nd Prize –Ayshi-(7J)

3rd Prie-Sarthak7(E)

1st Consolation Prize- Vaishnavi(7E)

2nd Consolation Prize-Shaswat Kumar(7)

*Name of Judges are:-Pushpa Kumari and Nikhil john

Event: The Great Debate
Event Venue : Notre Dame Academy
Event Date : 6th Nov, 2017
Description :

The Great Debate was conducted on 6th November 2017 by PTA(Parent Teacher Association at Notre Dame Academy).The participants in the junior category were Sakshi-8G and Abhinav Anand-8D.The participants in the senior category were Nishant Kumar-9D and Sanidhya Sinha-10C.

i.)Junior Category- Abhinav Anand-8D 2nd runner up.

ii.)Senior Category- Nishant Kumar-9D  2nd runner up and Sanidhya Sinha-10C 3rd best speaker.

Event: Cluster of voice
Event Venue : Bihar Vidyapeeth Sadaquat Ashram
Event Date : 5th Nov, 2017
Description :

Yashpreet Kaur Saluja, a student of class 12 D participated in the Cluster of Voice organised by MUN at Sadaqat Ashram on 5 November 2017. It was a declamation on the topic- Appeasement Politics- A threat to communal harmony and the reason for caste based violence. It enhanced immense learning.


Event: Inter School Debate Competition
Event Venue : St. Michael High School
Event Date : 13th Oct, 2017
Description :

On 13th October 2017 an Inter- School Debate Competition took place in St. Michael High School. All the reputed schools of patna had participated i it.

Anmol Raj  XI - A

Anant Verma  XII-D

Anmol  X

Nishant  IX-D

had participated in the senior and junior category. Anmol Raj stood second in the senior category.

Event: Rang Riti 2017
Event Venue : Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir,Patna
Event Date : 7th Oct, 2017
Description :

Radha Ballabh


He secured 2nd Runner up place in the event of Rangriti 2017 an Inter School Painting Competition. He was also awarded with a cheque of RS-5000.

Event: Story Telling Competition
Event Venue : St. Karen's Montessori School Patna
Event Date : 23rd Sep, 2017
Description :

St. Karen's Montessori School Patna

Event: Bihar State Under-15 Chess Championship
Event Venue : Bishop Public School,Kankarbagh
Event Date : 22nd Sep, 2017
Description :

Bhavya Verma 


Won 3rd prize in Bihar State Under-15  Boys/Girls Chess Championshipihar 2017-2018

Event: Interschool Pakhwada Competition
Event Venue : St. Dominic Savio's High School
Event Date : 8th Sep, 2017
Description :



The school participated in Elocution and Debate Competition of Hindi Pakhwara Divas held at St. Dominic Savio School, Patna. All the participants received certificates.

Total Achievements : 42