The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. St. Karen’s has moulded me into my present form by trust and support . My achievements are solely based upon the deep trust embedded by St. Karen’s. The School has honoured me as the school captain entrusting certain responsibilities to accomplish. My school has inculcated in me the values of humility, loyalty, honesty, forgiveness, compassion for the poor, discipline and punctuality. It has further taught me how to take stand for the things, I believe in. It takes courage to stand for values when nobody is with you. St. Karen’s has shaped my thoughts and granted confidence in me to shape a better nation. I have learnt unforgetful lessons alongwith experiences which have shaped my personality. I vouch to achieve great heights for the school with the supportive student council. My words of advice for my fellow Karenites would be to remain alert and enthusiastic in school in order to grab the opportunity whenever available.

Thank You
Head Boy
Mr. Sanidhya Sinha
(X-C )

St. Karen's High School